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Whole30 changed my life

Spark Change with Whole30

My story of how The Whole30 changed my life.

Yesterday was a really important day for me, not because it was my birthday but for another reason. One year ago life was really different, we were living in Texas and I never imagined one year later my life would be so drastically different. I’m sure you are wondering what could be more important than my my birthday, right? Well, let me tell you! And by the way this is a super embarrassing story for me, but sometimes things like this have to happen in our lives to spark change.

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One year ago on my birthday, I was scheduled to get my hair done. I had finally decided to go back to blonde because I loved being blonde. I left my two boys with my mom and headed to the salon. That morning was like any other morning for a busy mama of two. It was rushed and I did not have time to eat breakfast, of course. I grabbed a rice cake or two and headed out the door. I ate one rice cake while driving, it was about a 45 minute drive from my house. Before I got to the salon my stomach got upset, you know that feeling you get when you just gotta go…like now?! Yep that’s the one, the urge that you can’t deny. There wasn’t enough time to find a bathroom…and then it happened one of the worst days of my life.

You guessed it, I had an accident. At 31 years old, the last thing I ever thought would happen on my birthday of all days. No one was with me, but I was completely humiliated. The most awful experience ever, now I am going to spare myself more humiliation and not go into more details. Needless to say I missed my hair appointment and headed home asap. On my way home I thought about all the reasons why this happened to me, the reason being that I had unresolved digestive issues. Something had to change…

How I found The Whole30

I started doing some research online, I had seen many specialists and doctors and never found out what was wrong. Some days I was fine and other days it seemed that just waking up in the morning would send me running to the bathroom. I was determined to do my own research and find some real answers. I was done not knowing what was wrong! After a lot of searching the web I came across The Whole30. A 30 day program where you basically eliminate certain foods that commonly cause issues for 30 days then reintroduce them.

I did my research, I rented the books from the local Library, I searched for the best recipes, I meal planned and then, I finally started a round. The first few days were filled with fatigue, headaches, soreness, and more digestive issues. While most those symptoms are very common, my digestive issues were worse! I thought what the heck?! I was eating so clean, an example of my breakfast was 2 poached eggs, a small baked potato, fresh spinach and some olive oil drizzled over the top. More research had to be done, I was not about to give up. I was also determined to make it to my 30 day mark.

This breakfast I mentioned also made my face flush, gave me the sweats and sent me running to the bathroom immediately. So I changed things up, I started a food journal. I documented every single food item I ate down to the salt and pepper I seasoned it with. I started not eating the same food item more than once a day and a few weeks later I noticed that certain foods were causing issues. Foods like eggs, bananas, spinach, strawberries, raw tomatoes and the list goes on. All healthy foods of course, and foods that I love.

After doing my research online, I found that there are foods labeled as high histamine foods. These foods cause all kinds of symptoms in those who have an intolerance. I cut them out and was feeling better! I continued my Whole30 and made it to my 30 days. I was so proud and I felt amazing. I have written about the Whole30 before in my blog called The Whole30 changed my life. That it truly did, it changed my life.

A little more about the Whole30, at the end of my 30 days my results were amazing! Check this out.

  • My digestive issues were gone!
  • My lifelong mystery of what caused my digestive issue was solved!
  • My skin was more clear
  • Teeth more white
  • Anxiety greatly improved
  • Better sleep at night/ less fatigue during the day
  • Way more energy
  • The overwhelming desire to live my best life
  • I was down 13 lbs and 12 inches!!!

So if that list doesn’t totally amaze you and have you asking more about the Whole30, honestly I don’t know what would! I know that not all results are like mine but doing a round of The Whole30 was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

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Primal Kitchen Giveaway Bundle

Please note, this is not a paid or sponsored post. This is my honest experience with The Whole30. I am not a coach or affiliated in anyway with The Whole30, I simply love the program.

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