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Losing My Mom Changed Me

There is nothing in this world that can prepare you for the loss of your mom. She was most likely the first person in your life that you remember, and you think she will be there forever. But she won’t be… It’s a hard truth. It hurts, it feels so wrong and yet we all go through it. Losing my mom changed my life for the worst and the best. Yes, I said the best and you will find out why.

The day my mom passed away, part of me also died. It sounds sad, heartbreaking and awful, it was exactly that. It was devastating and it changed my life in so many ways. Now I am a new person, a person who stives to be better, who is constantly reminded that I need to do better. The day my mom died, a part of me died with her and part of my soul was also awakened. I realized that I do not just want to live my life on auto pilot, I do not want an ok or average life where I don’t reach my goals, or I don’t do all the things in life.

Because my mom was so amazing…

In honor of my mom, I want to live my best life, I want to be my best self because I am my mom’s legacy.

I want to stive to always be better than I was yesterday.

I want to be as patient and kind as my mom was.

I want to be as radiant as she was.

I want to smile through my hurt and pain like she did and not ever let it define me.

I want to live my best life, not just for her but for my kids and myself.

I want to stop waiting for one day and know that it has arrived.

I want my mom’s legacy to live on through my kids and I must be that shining example.

Back in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, my mom helped me start this blog. She encouraged me and helped me financially with a small loan. Now in honor of her I am going to keep it going. Moving forward, this blog is in honor of her. It was because of her that I started it and it will be because of her that I keep going.

You may notice in the upcoming months that there will be changes, rebranding, renaming and so on. Just know that it is all to honor her.

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