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From expecting your first bundle of joy to your 2nd, 3rd, or even last. What ever the case is, you deserve to be pampered! Pamper yourself with a box from Bump Boxes! I will admit, I was never a fan of subscription boxes until recently. I seriously thought they were a waste of money. Maybe you think like I did and think the same thing. You have come to the right place because I am here to tell you why you deserve one! It was not until recently that I signed up for my very first subscription box. I feel like they have been all the rage for some time now. I am always late to the party! Being pregnant, I decided to sign up with Bump Boxes. Here is my Bump Box review.

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Last month I received my very first box. I was super cute! The most shocking part to me was that I actually loved every item in my box! Big shocker, I was expecting to be disappointed. Last months box was full of some awesome goodies, even a few I will be packing away in my hospital bag. Fast forward to this months box…I just received it today. Every time I get my Bump Box delivery, it completely makes me day! Now let’s talk about what is in the box!

bump boxes packagePhoto of myself with my Bump BoxOpen Bump Box full of products


In my June Bump Box as pictured above I received 5 items. I will go over each item in detail. All of these items are custom picked items according to how far along you are. I am currently 20 weeks and my Bump Box included:

A Bitsy brand onesie, super adorable. On the front it reads “Hello, I’m New Here”. A white onesie with a snap closure and a cute quote. This onesie is literally perfect for a few reasons. It is gender neutral, fun, adorable, and who doesn’t need more onesies!

Promise Facial Cleanser. I can not say enough good things about this brand. Promise pregnancy skin care is pregnancy safe, paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty free, vegan, and contains no phthalates. Promise is a brand that focuses on helping women. They provide prenatal nutrition to women in areas affected by poverty and malnutrition around the world. Last months Bump Box included Promise Radiant Glow Face Cream, which I absolutely LOVE! I am a simple mama, as I am sure you can tell by my blog and life. That being said, I usually do not do much as far as my skin care routine goes. Now this Radiant Glow Face Cream and Facial Cleanser are defiantly part of my new skin care routine.

Glow Organics Balance Foot Soak. This foot soak is made with natural Himalayan salts infused with essential oils like lavender and grapefruit. This foot soak was made with the expecting mama in mind. Created to ease swollen and tired feet. The essential oil blend helps promote healthy circulation and relaxation naturally. I can’t wait to use this product!

BumpLife 3 pack of Hair ties, these ties are super cute and going right into my hospital bag. We all know how tiring labor can be, the last thing I want to worry about is having my hair all over and in my face.

CariBBrew 2 in 1 Body Butter and Coffee Scrub. This product smells delicious! Another product that I can not wait to use! This is a coconut rum moisturizing Haitian coffee scrub. A luxurious butter scrub made from freshly roasted organic Haitian coffee, fine cane sugar, lustrous coconut oil and Shea butter. This scrub has exfoliation and anti-inflammatory properties to help improve blood flow while stimulating fresh skin cells, and removing old flaky skin.

Bitsy onesiepromise pregnancy skin care facial cleanserGlow Organics Balance Foot SoakBumpLife 3 back hair tiesCariBBrew 2 in 1 Body butter and coffee scrub

When it comes to options for your Bump Boxes subscription, you have a few to choose from. Monthly, which offers 4 different options. 12 months, 9 months, 6 months, and a month to month option. Of course when you choose one of the 12-6 month options you are able to save a few $$ as apposed to the month to month box. Bump Boxes also offers Bundled options. A bundled options comes in 12, 9, and 6 months. With this option you are paying for all the boxes upfront and are also able to save some $$ this way. These options are great gift options for expecting Mamas. Bump Boxes also offers some one time gift boxes such as a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester pregnancy box. They also offer The Dad Box, a Breastfeeding Box, a Newborn Gift Box and more. So be sure to check them out!

After signing up for this subscription box and now receiving two, I can say that is an amazing subscription box for the expecting mama. So if you are on the fence about ordering a box, do it! We all know that you deserve it mama. This also makes the perfect gift!

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