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Horsethief reservoir

An Awesome Weekend getaway to Horsethief Reservoir

We originally didn’t plan to camp at Horsethief reservoir, but God had other plans for us! “A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps” Proverbs 16:9. On the drive to our destination, I think we were so busy catching up and talking that we missed our exit by a lot!

We ended up camping at Horsethief Reservoir campground in Cascade, Idaho. Let me tell you sometimes a wrong turn turns into such a wonderful thing. We set up camp in the Bear Knob campsite number 123. Which is a tent only campsite. The campground has a lot of Rv spaces available as well if you have an RV. This campsite has nice spot that is pretty private and also have a private water access point. Lots of trees for shade and a firepit.

On our weekend getaway to Horsethief reservoir we enjoyed paddleboarding, kayaking, relaxing by the campfire and of course some bible study. The spot where we camped wouldn’t be a good one for little kids in my opinion. We were nestled in a little cove and there was no beachy area. The dirt could easily become muddy and slippery with kids going in and out of the water. I would highly recommend this spot for teens and adults that won’t be playing right at the water’s edge.

A little about Horsethief Reservoir

Horsethief Reservoir is located in Cascade Idaho and part of Valley County. It is located 9 miles east of the city of Cascade and approximately 75 miles north of Boise. It is about 260-acer area owned by Idaho Department of Fish and Game. There are no electrical, water or sewer hookups for any of the public use campsites that are available. All campers and day use area visitors must follow the pack in pack out guidelines for all trash. There are no trash cans available. The fee for camping is $20 per night per site.

This would also be a nice spot to hike, however we were too wiped out to do any hiking. If you are looking for some awesome hiking spots in Idaho or other areas to explore, check out Thousand Springs State park.

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It had been a long time since my husband, and I had a weekend away from the kids. Honestly, I think it had been around 5 years! It’s rare for us to even get a date night these days. We decided to go on this camping trip to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We left our 3 kids with a longtime friend who has now been promoted to family. I am so glad we got to experience this together.

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