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I am no longer waiting for one day but simply living 4 today. I know in my heart that one day I will see her again.

A new direction

A new direction in which we are headed.

One day in April of 2020 just after the global pandemic started, I had an idea. An idea to start a blog. I wanted to share information with others about my hobbies and interests. With the help of my mom, I started my blog in May 2020. She helped me with a small loan for funding and really just helped me with the courage to start it. We all know how scary new ideas can be at first. My mom really helped me overcome all my self-doubts and just jump right in. At first, I did not have very many supporters, but I did have one person next door who was determined to bring my blog down. I didn’t let this negativity stop me but rather add fuel to my fire as to why I was going to be successful.

Fast forward a few years… As most of my readers know, I lost my mom suddenly in November of 2021. You can read A Love Letter to my Mom right here. When my mom passed, I felt like a piece of me died too, I still feel that way and I suspect that I always will. I feel lost without her. I feel like my world went from bright and full of life to darkness overnight. I let my blog go for a while and to be honest, I almost let it go all together. Then I remembered how my mom helped me start it and I just couldn’t let go. After MONTHS of thought and going back and forth with myself in my head I am pleased to announce that I will be taking this blog in a new direction.

One day has arrived

In honor of my mom, I’ve rebranded and renamed my blog. From Be Simple Mama to Simply Living 4 Today. I’ll probably make a more Indepth post about how this idea come to me later. Long story short, my mom and I had big plans in life, and we always said, “one day”. At the end of my mom’s life, I felt like one day never arrived for her. I felt like we said “one day” way too much, and life got put off or put on hold. Like we were just waiting for the right time. Let me be clear about this, there will NEVER be a right time! You will never have enough money, be ready enough or whatever it is. Just live your life and stop waiting for the time to be right.

When My husband, my kids and I moved to Idaho I remember telling my husband in the car face full of tears that I felt like our “one day” had finally arrived. I was devastated that My mom is no longer here to be a part of it. In honor of my mom and her beautiful life, Simply Living 4 Today is inspired by her. It is now a blog about our last-minute, spur of the moment adventures. Our new life in the beautiful state of Idaho and living for today, not waiting for one day to arrive. One day is here and we are living in it. I am always amazed how my mom although she is no longer on earth, she never stops inspiring me to dream big and live a beautiful life.

I am no longer waiting for one day but simply living 4 today. I know in my heart that one day I will see her again.

My mom holding my baby boy, my oldest sitting next to her and me behind her in the Botanical gardens in Texas.

I am at peace with this new direction and cannot wait to see where we are headed.

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  1. Ninon Lazaro

    Beautiful mija she loved you endlessly. Always in your heart. You can always reach out to me. Luv you

  2. Megan Serpa

    She loved you so much sweetie and I know she’s proud of you 💕

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