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5 Reason’s You will love starting a Succulent Garden

My new succulent garden has saved me, seriously. If you are like me, the past few months have been a challenge. Social distancing is well…not very fun! Being at home with the kids all day everyday is mentally and physically exhausting. I needed to find a new hobby or outlet. Something fun and exciting that did not require tons of effort or money. I think I found exactly what I needed! A succulent garden.


Succulents! A succulent is a type of plant with thick leaves or stems that store water, similar to a cactus. The name comes from a 17th century Latin word succulentus, which means from succus or “juice”. Succulents are amazing plants. There are about sixty different plant families that contain succulents and hundreds of different varieties! Wow. Now let’s get to the really important details, the 5 reasons why you need to start a succulent garden.

Succulent nursery
Succulent Nursery


My number one reason to start a succulent garden. During this time of social distancing and craziness in the world, I’ve found myself in need of a new hobby. Yes, I am a stay at home mom with tons of house work to do. Having a hobby keeps my mental health in check. I’m big on making time for myself and self care. For me self care isn’t make up and getting my hair done, it is free time to relax and do something that I truly enjoy. Which just happens to be working in the yard and garden. So finding a new love, which is succulents has been amazing!


Getting kids involved in activities such as gardening teaches them so many skills. How to be patient, gentle, kind, and how to appreciate working outside. My two boys love helping me work in the yard. I start by giving them simple tasks such as pulling some weeds or helping me drop a seed into the dirt. It keeps them involved and helps develop their love of the outdoors. My 5 year old has a great love of cactus. Every time we visit a new nursery I let him pick out a small one. Once we get a few more, my son is going to start a succulent garden of his own with cactus and succulents.


We all know that sitting in the yard admiring all its beauty is relaxing. My personal favorite is sitting in the yard with my morning coffee. When I was a young girl, I remember waking up early in the morning and heading outside to find my mom watering the garden. To this day that memory has always stuck with me. To be honest I think that grew my love of plants and all things garden. Relaxation is a big reason to start a succulent garden. It doesn’t have to be the entire yard or big at all. Your succulent garden can be small and simple.

Succulent garden with little bird
Small succulent garden inspiration.


When I went to visit a succulent nursery for the first time recently, I had no idea how much fun it would be. I felt like a little kid in a candy shop, only I was in a succulent garden. Staring my own succulent garden was even more fun than I thought it would be. Right now my succulent garden is mostly a bunch of unorganized planters and terracotta pots around our porch. We are currently in the middle of a move, once we move…huge succulent garden here I come. And let me tell you, I can not wait!

Ortega's nursery in Watsonville Ca. Basically a huge succulent garden!
Succulent nursery in Watsonville, Ca.


Once you start your own succulent garden the possibilities are endless. I mean, really. You can do a succulent garden all around the house. You can create one special spot in the yard for your succulent garden. You can create a succulent garden fairy style! This is my next project. Make sure you follow my blog, there will be some DIY succulent garden ideas to come. I am super excited to share some of my upcoming projects with everyone!


These gardens and nurseries are all located around the central coast area in California. One day I plan to visit nurseries all over California.

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  1. Sandra Hovey

    I can’t believe the beautiful succulents and so many to choose from. I’m getting my friend and we are coming down so visit your gorgeous nursery. Of course we are coming home with a carload of plants!!!

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